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Personalized Magic Mug Heat Sensitive Ceramic Mugs

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1. Upload a photo of your favorite, it can be a people, animals, landscape photos and so on. 
( Photo Tips: Please use clear and no-reflective photo,and customizable 1-2 pictures)
2.  Choose the Size you want
3. Then, Add to cart.

When ordering more than 1 product, please follow the steps below:

1. Upload the 1st picture and click 'add to cart' 
2. Go back to the page of the product
3. Upload the 2nd picture and click 'add to cart' again

Due to the aspect ratio of the different size we may have to crop the image and alter the aspect slightly to ensure the picture doesn't lose it's main subject. 

When filled with hot liquid, Wake up.
Heat sensitive material on the mug surface color when hot liquid is poured in
Do not expose under the sunshine for long time
Hand wash (dishwasher not recommended)
Do not microwave
Do not scrape on the printing with sharp tools
Water temperature should be over 60 ° C ,Be careful with hot water!

Capacity: 360ml
Material: Ceramics
Color: red/ black/ blue
Custom Time: 3-5 Business days
Package include:
1 x Mug

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