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Music Electric Toy Christmas Gift

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This unique Santa Claus is a must-have for this upcoming Christmas!

Santa Claus will ride the reindeer forward

Santa Claus will constantly turn somersaults

Also, while switched on, Santa plays classic Christmas music to help get you in the Christmas spirit.



  • Step 1: Remove contents from box and empty out the chimney
  • Step 2: Place the rail over the centre of the chimney and close the clip
  • Step 3: Attach the Santa Claus to the railing
  • Step 4: Flick the switch to turn it on and watch Santa crawl!

Santa Claus Riding Deer:

  • Product size: about 28CM high,about 15CM wide
  • Material: ABS

Turn Somersault Santa Claus:

  • Product size: Santa Claus is about 19.8CM,The chimney is about 21cm high and about 12.5cm wide.
  • Material: ABS

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