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Children Scraping Paper Handmade DIY Drawing Card

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Product Innovation: Scratch paper is a double-layer art paper. The upper layer is mainly black and gray. The
lower layer is colored. The upper layer is scraped to reveal the color below. The color is gorgeous, the contrast is strong, and the visual effect is good.The color is more eye-catching and beautiful, suitable for entertainment
perational Fun: It can be used for recreation, relaxation and stress relief. When you see a beautiful picture, it will release and have a sense of accomplishment.
.Educational significance and value: Scratch painting is not suitable for repeated modification, and can exercise the child's decisive painting habits. Express your overall memory by combining graphics to help your child exercise their logical thinking skills. At the same time, you can train the pen posture ;
.Application: Person over 3 years old,ordinary user, painting enthusiast

Color: Colorful
Material: Paperboard
Product Weight: 310g

Package Content:
8 x Scratch Painting
1 x Pen

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