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Car Headrest Sleep Side Head Support Pillow

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This adjustable headrest cushion made sleep in the car safe and comfortable. It attaches to your car seats and pulls down a pillow on both sides of you. This way your head won't droop to the side when you fall asleep on a road-trip, and you won't wake up with a sore neck. It's an absolute must for road trips, traveling sports and daily driving.


【Safe & Comfortable Car Nap Time】We recommend this product because it's mainly designed to provide both adults and kids over 100cm neck support while falling asleep in the car, protect passengers head banging on the car window, giving a safer and more comfortable nap time.

【Easy to Install】The car headrest neck support is detachable, quite easy to set up and has multiple adjustable settings, pads can be folded up and down with 180°rotation or out of the way when not in use. 

【Retractable Design】Made from high-quality ABS material on retractable support rod, stable and safe. It can be adjusted to the width of the pillow according to the width of the seats. Fit for car seats with headrest bars.

【How to Use】 Firstly, choose the suitable rubber washer to fix on the car seat headrest bars. Then fix the retractable support rod onto the rubber washer. Finally, use the screwdriver to screw the covers tightly.

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