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Stainless Steel Multi-Angle Carpentry Tool

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  • Seat Cuts: Automatically provides precise and repeatable seat cut angles like no other tool available,thanks to our patented design geometry
  • Rafter Layout:Mark repeatable plumb cuts and complete birds-mouths in rafters without adjusting the tool in any way
  • Angle Scales: Mark precise hip and valley rafters for degree pitched roofs using our unique HIP-VAL degree scale. This includes an imperial rise and runs Pitched Roofs
  • Angle Measuring: Mimic a digital spirit level with Revolutionary carpentry and measure the angle of a single surface with precision using its level vials anywhere in-between horizontal and vertical
  • Leveling: Provides vertical, horizontal, and 2D horizontal leveling capability without any adjustment, plus pitch setting capabilities to level up and set a workpiece to any angle between horizontal and vertical using its level vials
  • Angled Depth Marks: Mark plumb cut or seat cut marks repeatably to a specific depth, improving efficiency and working accuracy.
  • And More...

Key Differentiators:

  • Just 1 tool: Convenient, Efficient, and Compact
  • Less Walking: Instantly adjust the tool rather than fetching another
  • Patented design:3 to 5 times more useful than any other design available
  • Cost savings: Brilliant value for money replacing numerous tools with one
  • Simplified education: Easier learning, easier teaching

Use Cases:

  • Roof framing, general timber framing&stairs
  • Fixing carpentry(doors,shelving&Interior fit-outs)
  • Decking&timber flooring
  • Shipwrights(Ship, yacht and boat building)
  • Roof plumbing(Roof sheeting,flashing&guttering)
  • Boiler making
  • Luthiers(Musical instrument making)
  • Metal fabrication&engineering
  • Couturier(Dressmaking and upholstery)


  • Color: silver
  • Material: aluminum + stainless steel
  • Size: 13.77*2.91inch
  • Weight: 203g
  • Measurement Accuracy: 100%

Package includes:

  • 1 × Revolutionary carpentry tool

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